Attractions & Activities

The South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal offers a wide variety of interesting activities for all tastes, seasons and ages.

Beach & River Activites

The South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal is a treasure trove of spectacular beaches and rivers which offer a variety of activities. 

Sugar Beach Resort is situated within walking distance of Elysium Beach (+-600m) and the Mtwalume River. Avid beach-walkers can walk to the neighbouring beaches of Mtwalume and Ifafa. All the main beaches can be reached using the R102 Marine Drive.

Canoeing & Paddle Boating

Margate, Uvongo & St Michael’s on Sea

Enjoy a leisurely trip up the lagoon with a canoe or paddle boat.

52km drive from Resort


Ifafa & Mtwalume Beach

The warm waters of the Indian Ocean makes the South Coast beaches ideal for year round swimming, snorkeling, surfing and family beach fun.


Elysium & Mtwalume Beach

Be on the lookout for beautiful shells washed up on the sands.

Surf & River Fishing

The South Coast offers excellent fishing sites.

Shad (Elf), bronze bream, rockcod, pompano, flounder and blacktail are just some of the species you can catch on Elysium and Mtwalume beach.

Deep Sea Fishing

Shelly Beach

There are a number of excellent charters operating from Shelly Beach.

Some of the popular species are the scotsman, englishman, rockcod, kingfish, musselcracker, yellow fin tuna and dorado.

50km drive from Resort

Sardine Run

May – July

Once a year, millions of sardines travel north from the cool waters of the Agulhas Bank and move northward along the east coast of South Africa. The shoals are a feast to a host of predators including sharks, game fish, seabirds and people.

Nature Reserves

For the nature enthusiast, there are a number of nature reserves with magnificent scenery, hiking trails, wildlife and adventure activities.

Oribi Gorge

The magnificent Oribi Gorge lies some 25 km inland from Port Shepstone. The gorge is approximately 400 meters deep, and almost 5 kilometers wide. The nature reserve has a wealth of smaller wildlife and a number of hiking trails.

60km drive from Resort

The Red Desert

Port Edward

Located just outside Port Edward, the desert is reputed to be the smallest desert in the world. The barren red soil is in striking contrast with the surrounding lush green coastal vegetation.

86km drive from Resort

Mzamba Fossils & Petrified Forest

Mzamba Beach

Take a guided tour during low-tide to view the Mzamba Cretaceous Deposits – a set of famous marine fossil beds dating back ± 85 million years.

90km drive from Resort

Lake Eland Game Reserve

Lake Eland Game Reserve is situated in the heart of the Oribi Gorge.

Day visitors can do a self game drive or guided drive, enjoying the spectacular views and abundant wildlife.

Adventure activities include scooter tours, walking across the 80m suspension bridge, soaring across the gorge on the 4.5km Zip Line tour.

There is an on-site restaurant, picnic and braai facilities and fishing in the lake.

52km drive from Resort

Historical Attractions

Port Shepstone Lighthouse

Made from cast iron and erected in 1906, this icon landmark is located at the opening of the Umzimkulu River mouth in Port Shepstone.

40km drive from Resort

SS Nivonia shipwreck

Pumula Beach

The SS Nivonia was a South African whaler that ran aground and was wrecked in July 1935. A few peices of the ship are still visible during low-tide.

25km drive from Resort

Port Shepstone Maritime Museum

Learn more about Port Shepstone’s fascinating history and view the maritime themed displays.

41km drive from Resort

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